how do i prepare for my first class? 

It is recommended, but not required, to make a reservation for class online. If it's your first visit please arrive 10-15 minutes before class to fill out a new client registration form, sign a health waiver, and meet the instructor. Wear form fitting yoga or exercise clothing. You may bring your own mat, mat towel and water and we rent mats and mat towels for $2 each. Bottled water is $2 and coconut water is $4.  Try to avoid eating a heavy meal an hour or more before class. 

what is basic class etiquette?

  • Be on time and only leave early if you must. It’s polite to inform your teacher ahead of time if you’re not planning to stay for the whole class. Set up near the door and leave when it is least disruptive.
  • Bring only the essentials into the yoga room. Please don’t bring your keys, shoes, bags, or cell phones into class.
  • Rest in child's pose and have water when you need it.  
  • Avoid a heavy meal within an hour of class time.
  • Be mindful of your neighbors’ space when setting up your mat.
  • Avoid strong smelling lotions, oils, or perfumes. 

what temperatures are to be expected?

The heat at Element is not over-whelming like in some hot studios.  It's easy to breathe and has a gentle warming effect that feels like the sun. 

Warm classes are 85 to 95 degrees and heated just enough to prevent injury, promote flexibility, and encourage detoxification.  

Hot classes are 95+.and, with our state of the art system for controlling air quality and humidity, most warm yoga enthusiasts find it comfortable.  

I'm not flexible; can I still do yoga?

Absolutely! Yoga is beneficial for everyone, but especially for those who are less flexible. You will feel an improvement after just one class, and if you stay committed you will see great results in your strength, flexibility and peace of mind. 

Contrary to popular belief, yoga is not all about bending yourself into a pretzel. Saying you don’t do yoga because you’re not flexible, is like saying you don’t eat because you’re hungry. Increased range of motion is one of the many benefits of yoga, but it is certainly not a prerequisite.

How often should i come to class?

You may see dramatic improvement in muscle tone, flexibility, and stress reduction from 3 classes a week. Most people see and feel results fairly quickly.  


We have clients of all fitness levels in our classes. There is absolutely no requirement that you are in good shape or that you have previous yoga experience in order to begin. Our classes are designed to be versatile. We offer variations and modifications so everyone in class is engaged.

Can I take a class if I have an injury or other health concerns?

Yoga can be a great way to heal injury or address certain health concerns.  Discuss any medical issues with your health care provider prior to beginning. If you have injuries make sure you inform the instructor before class so they can provide modifications for you.  We encourage a non-competitive environment where body awareness can be cultivated and individual needs met.  As you become more proficient at moving with your breath and listening to your body, you are better able to move through all activities with less risk of injury.