SHannon Woods

Shannon, a former Spanish teacher, was drawn to yoga after the birth of her third daughter.  She quickly realized that her practice made her shine brighter in all areas of her life.  The mind, body connection had a profound effect on managing daily stress while creating a beautiful awareness of life on and off the mat.  Shannon knew she could not live without her practice and was inspired to share the gift of yoga with others.  With the encouragement of her family, she immersed herself in teacher training at the Wilmington Yoga Center.  

Shannon is currently a certified 220 hour yoga teacher and also teaches children's yoga.  

As a teacher her intention is to offer a fun class that will inspire personal empowerment and guide students to grow in their practice. Shannon has so much gratitude for her teachers and students whom she continuously learns from on this lifelong journey.

Ashley Randall


Ashley first came to yoga seeking gentle, strength-based exercise, having no idea that yoga would change her life. After personally experiencing yoga’s positive effects on depression and anxiety, Ashley knew she wanted to share this practice with others as a yoga instructor.

A graduate of Wilmington Yoga Center’s Yoga Teacher Training program, Ashley’s classes focus on breath, strength, balance, and mindful movement. She has also received intensive training in Trauma-Sensitive Yoga from David Emerson. Ashley received her master’s degree in Clinical Rehabilitation and Mental Health Counseling from UNC Chapel Hill and is combining this degree with her yogic knowledge to make a difference in the community.

Ashley is passionate about making yoga accessible to all people and does this by combining her love for serving and empowering others with the movement of yoga. She believes that the most important facet of yoga is that there is always something to learn, to work on, and to improve - regardless of whether it is your first class or your 100th. When Ashley is not teaching yoga, you can usually find her enjoying the sunshine, cooking, or cuddling with her cat, Geppetto.

sarah calabria

Sarah started her yoga journey in a basic college class in 2003. She fell in love with yoga when she realized days and weeks with a solid yoga practice in her life where better than times without yoga. 

Sarah completed her 200 hour yoga teacher training in the fall of 2016. She loves connecting with students & sharing her passion of asanas, strength and music with others. 

Sarah graduated from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro in 2007 and works full time as a nurse locally in a Pediatric Intensive Care Unit. Sarah also has a small photography business as a traveling newborn photographer. 

Sarah loves eating healthy, traveling, cooking, doing anything active or outdoors and spending time with her husband & dog!

Kimmy Profitko

Understanding yoga as a modality to help fix the body is Kimmy's main focus. She wants all of her students to both practice smiling and leave class smiling. She started doing yoga when she was a freshman in high school, at the request of her percussion band instructor to help their bodies during the marching band season. In college, her practice became more developed and progressed to new levels. However, during college, Kimmy severely injured her arm and shoulder and doctors told her she may never do yoga again. She worked hard to regain her strength and flexibilty, both physically and emotionally. She knows what it is like to start from the bare minimum in yoga and progress toward goals. As a result, Kimmy always welcomes questions about form, how to modify due to injury, or questions about overall alignment. She is currently in graduate school at NC State for GIS and has a BS in Geology and a BA in biology. She earned her 200 hour RYT certification in Santa Rosa, California and is currently completing her NASM personal training certification as well.

Katelin ryan

Katelin received her 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Certification from the Wilmington Yoga Center in Wilmington, NC in 2016. She is a native of New York where she first began her practice after being drawn to it for its way of connecting the body and the mind; in just a short amount of time she started to see the way that yoga can truly heal the spirit and her eagerness to share that gift with the world is what lead her to teach.

Katelin is passionate about the healing power of yoga and its ability to connect us deeper to ourselves, our bodies, and our world. She sees yoga as a dance with all of the senses and loves being able to see her students be in the moment as they move. With roots in Kunga Yoga, an open mind/body style with an emphasis on service, Katelin’s classes hold true to yogic tradition and philosophy while providing strong practices that build strength and suppleness inside of the body and the mind. She welcomes all levels of ability into the classroom by offering modifications, strong alignment cues, and attention to breath. She thrives on sharing her knowledge of yoga to bring her students health, happiness, strength, and focus. Katelin understands that there is no feeling quite like comfort in one’s own skin and feels confident that yoga can bring that to all of her students.

Erica Lagarde

Erica has been a competitive athlete since she was very young, having trained in gymnastics, dance, endurance running, and obstacle racing throughout her life. While training for her first marathon and competing with her international hip hop team in 2014, Erica noticed her workout regime was missing something.  Since Erica loves music and dynamic movement, vinyasa yoga seemed like the perfect choice. “Unlike running and dancing, yoga is not about getting faster or performing better than the person next to you. It’s about listening to your body and honoring how it feels today. The more you try to force it, the further it gets away from you.” The practice of yoga has given her more than just physical strength; she has experienced mental and emotional stability and renewed perspective through her practice as well. She believes the self awareness, patience, and respect she has learned through her yoga practice has actually made her a better athlete and a better person. She brings creative challenges and love for music to each class, and she is so excited to continue her yoga journey at Element Hot Yoga!

Daniel Veenkamp

Daniel was first introduced to yoga through his sister as a senior in college, back in 2014. He loved the hot vinyasa practice so much that he immediately started practicing 4-5 times per week. Around 3 months later, after noticing how much lighter and calmer his life felt, he decided to dedicate himself to the practice and sharing it with others. 

Receiving his 200 RYT through the Baptiste Institute, Daniel tends to teach Baptiste-inspired power flow classes. His personal practice is a healthy mix of play, power, and ease; and he brings each element into his teaching. Just don't be terribly surprised if you catch him singing in one of his classes


Photo; Bunting, Jen.jpg

Jennifer discovered the benefits of a consistent yoga practice just a few years ago. Yoga provided a sense of calm to balance her role as a medical sales and marketing manager. She continues to feel the life-changing effects--better sleep, less anxiety, a clearer lens to handle any challenge that life throws her way. She feels stronger both inside and out. Yoga has also rekindled her love of movement, one that developed at an early age. In her teens, Jennifer stayed active through competitive dance, cheerleading, acrobatics, softball, and in college as a member of the University of North Carolina dance team. Her first part-time job was actually as a dance instructor. Though she enjoys getting the body moving through the physical practice of yoga (asana), yoga is not a sport. She values the grounding effects of pranayama and meditation, the ability for physical postures to be modified and made-accessible to everyone, and the healing power to move scar tissue throughout (be it from physical injury or emotional scars). 

Jennifer earned her RYT-200 hour certification May 2017 through Indigo Hot Yoga Center of Raleigh.  She is excited to share this practice and join the Element Hot Yoga community!


Jill found her way to the mat seeking balance in the midst of raising a family and a busy real estate career. As the yoga began, there was a gradual reorganizing of heart, mind and body as the desire to understand the science of yoga grew. With a passion for yoga, community and deeper connection to self and others it was clear that North Raleigh was in need of place to move, breath and connect.  After years of faithful commuting to area studios and jokes with fellow yogis about the long and stressful drive to yoga,  it was clearly time to build a yoga community closer to home. 

As a Duke Integrative Health Coach, Jill is also passionate about sharing the yoga lifestyle that opens up a more vibrant way of living.  Join Jill March 4th through 31st to begin a 28 day detox challenge and discover the clarity of mind and body that is available to us all.  There will be a 2 hour meeting prior to prepare your kitchen and begin to prepare your body. Information & community support sessions are on Sundays from 5-7pm on March 4th, 11th, 18th, and 25th.  A 45 minute one on one coaching session is included and this can be scheduled before, during or after the program.