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Hands Down Balance Workshop

Do you have an affinity for arm balances? Perhaps a fondness for flight? Whether it’s an enchanting by eka pada 2 or captivating crow pose; balancing on our hands is exciting! Recreating those shapes in our own practice can be intimidating and downright frustrating sometimes. Our 90min Hands Down Balance workshop explores poses that require grounding through the hands. We will break down commonly-sequenced arm balances like crane, side crow, and flying splits. Starting with chaturanga dandasana, I’ll show you how to build a solid "hands down" foundation while engaging your core and shoulders. We will explore transitions to and from basic arm balances, plus drill techniques to further advance your practice.

For any and all aspiring flyers, this is your chance to discover strength, build confidence, and have fun in a playful space. Join us Saturday 10/28 at 1 pm, and bring your sense of adventure! You don’t need wings to fly, just a little shift and lift!

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